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What makes brilliant marketing campaigns?

•Low predictability and high attention spans
•Right mix of creativity, business insight, a well thought out implementation plan
•Believability; provide substantial evidence
•A good story; focus on content
•Give your promotion a shelf life; make it stay on the radar
Some of the best campaigns in India and abroad:
1. Coca Cola
•From the streets of Paris to the villages of Western Africa, Coca-Cola is everywhere. But when the drink was first introduced, it only sold 9 glasses per day. How did the little company from Atlanta become the world’s most popular soft drink?
The answer is brilliant marketing and customer engagement. Some of its recent campaigns follow:
Coca Cola: Friendship Machine
Coca Cola: Reasons to Believe in a Better World (India)
Coca Cola:  Coke Studio (Promoting Music in India, Pakistan)
—Coke Studio is a confluence of music genres. —Pakistani and Indian versions adapted from the original Brazilian show named ’Estúdio Coca-Cola’. It has been successful in driving consumer engagement towards the brand.
Coca Cola: Aamir Khan’s “thanda matlab….’
Yaara da Tashan…
Paanch… emphasizing the price point.
2. Pepsi: Change the game
Ranbir Kapoor