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The arrival of December awakens a travelling bug in our family. We wanted to beat the end of year rush and so began our 9 day road trip to coastal Karnataka and Coorg.

The route we took

A distance of 2400 kms

A distance of 2400 kms

Day 1- Pune to Karwar-584 kms

Road Conditions: Pune to Belgaum on NH4 is a pretty smooth ride on NH4. From Belgaum we were going to take the Khanapur-Ramnagar-Ganeshgudi-Kadra-Karwar route. But at Ramnagar, people advised us to take the Alnavar-Haliyal-Kannigeri-Yellapur-Karwar route as the former route was less traversed, maintained and went through dense forests. So we ended up taking a slightly longer route. Until we hit SH 93, we were travelling on unmaintained roads. There were dense forest on each side and we saw innumerable ant hills and monkeys on the roadside.

However, if we were to repeat the journey, we would go until Hubli on NH 4 and then take SH 93 to reach Karwar. That’s a less circuitous and better route.

Welcome sunset at Karwar

Karwar is a sleepy and quiet town. It has got long stretches of beaches, coconut trees and colorful houses.

Devbagh Beach resort, water sports (canoe, kayak, snorkelling), Kurumagad island, sadashiv fort, Gokarn are some popular places to visit in Karwar. Click on this link for other popular destinations in Karwar.

We chilled out in Karwar for two days. Here are some snaps of our revelry.

Day 4- Karwar to Mangalore via Jog falls and Murudeshwar- 393 kms

Road conditions: Visit to Jog falls meant we had to take a 120 kms detour (60 kms to and fro from Honavar) from NH17. We drove through dense green forests on NH 206, at places the national highway was just a single lane road. The road was well maintained.

Once we got back on NH 17, the journey was unhampered until a little before Udupi. The highway was under repair, so the entire last leg of the journey was slow and tiring. We passed through a number of estuaries along this route. We were driving along the coast and the views were exhilarating. Endless clusters of coconut groves, lots of water and the sea in the distance.

They always say that the journey is better than the destination. Going to Jog falls just confirmed this. Although there was very little water in the falls, we enjoyed the meandering road, the greenery and the occasional glance of the river in the valley.

Once in Mangalore we went to Panambur beach near New Mangalore port.

Sunset and coal depot and more at Mangalore 

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