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In this post I am covering International Finance for MBA students.

This presentation deals with general introductory topics such as globalization and its impact, WTO and its impact, Role of World Bank, IMF, Special Drawing Rights, Nature, scope and significance of international finance and Use of IT in international finance.

In this presentation we discuss definition of foreign currency and foreign transactions- trade and non trade, and Role of participants in Forex markets.

This presentation deals with exchange rate quotations, common currency symbols, direct and indirect quotes, American terms, European terms, cross rates, Bid and Ask rates, Mid rate, Spread and its determinants, Spot markets, Forward Markets, Premium and Discounts, various practices of writing quotations, calculating broken period forward rates, Speculation and arbitrage, Forex futures and Currency Options.

This document has various practice numericals on forex markets.

This presentation begins with reference to various exchange rate determination theories and explains purchasing power parity theory in detail.

This presentation discusses the impact of Euro currency, Chinese Yuan, Japanese Yen, US Dollar and emerging importance of Indian rupee

This presentation discusses regulatory framework of international finance from the Indian perspective-FEMA and FERA, foreign trade policy, role of RBI, rupee convertibility, EOU/STPI, SEZ, EPZ.

This presentation covers regulatory framework of international finance from an International Perspective – Federal Bank, European Central Bank and guidelines for international investments given by International Chambers of Commerce (ICC).

This presentation covers Trade Settlement Methods, Export Finance, Buyers credit and supplier’s credit, International receivables and cash management, and International Sources of Finance such as ECB, FCCB, ADR, GDR, FDI, Loan Syndication.

This presentation covers foreign exchange risk definition, types, management and measurement. Hedging tools and techniques; both internal and external are also discussed.

This presentations discusses International Accounting Standard on Foreign Transactions (IAS 21). Important definitions, functional currency, initial recognition, subsequent measurement & recognition of exchange difference at initial stage and use of temporal and net investment method at the time of consolidation of financial statements are covered.