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Day 3: Earlier we had decided that we would go to Lachung and the valley of flowers in North Sikkim but given the road conditions in the area after the disastrous earthquake of 2011, we dropped the plan. What ensued was 2 days where we were free to explore the city, walk around its brimming markets or just climb the lush green mountains.

We discovered an absolutely amazing breakfast place in MG road market in Gangtok. Its called ‘Baker’s Cafe’. They have all kinds of delicious breads, desserts and usual breakfast fare in addition to pastas and pizzas. The interiors of the place have been done up really well. There are witty posters and brilliant showcases with porcelain pieces. So we went to this place for breakfast. Later in the day, we went to the Zoo. This zoo was unlike any zoo I had seen. The mountaineous terrain is an obvious differentiator but they had tried to recreate the natural habitats of animals. A 5 story viewing tower was anther plus as it afforded unrivalled views of the surrounding beauty. Here are some pictures:

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