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Game Drain – Jeanne Marie Laskas

What the NFL doesn’t want you to know.

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Deprive and Rule

Why does North Korea’s dictatorship remain so entrenched despite causing such hunger and misery?

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The Gun – CJ Chivers

Shortly after President Eisenhower warned against the military-industrial complex, an unholy alliance of defense contractors and military brass conspired to cover up the fact that they put American troops into combat with a defective gun.

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Held by the Taliban – David Rohde

The most riveting piece of the year.

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A Solitary Jailhouse Lawyer Argues His Way Out Of Prison – Sean Gardiner

A high school dropout educates himself in a law library, sues for access to records from his trial, confronts witnesses who testified against him, and proves the corruption of the prosecutor who wrongfully convicted him.

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