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I am no different from you.  I work at a 9-5 job like you do, I lunch at the cafeteria at a fixed time on weekdays, and I laugh and joke around with colleagues, sometimes even you are in the group. I won’t say you know me very well. But I am your acquaintance and I am aware you put me down as ‘Oh, I know her, she’s Ms. goody two shoes, never stepped out of the line, another billion like her girl. But have you ever wondered why I never turn up at team meets and weekend gatherings? Why we never meet at weekends even though we move in the same social circles? Why you never see me at the parks and weekend hikes that you go to? Why you never seem to catch me at home on weekends?

It’s because I have a secret.

No need to lie awake in your bed tonight. I am not a weekend vampire. Snap out of it!

It’s just that I have an addiction. I am a shopaholic. Shopaholism is just like the occasional alcoholism that you deal with. Only that there are no unhealthy spirits (pun intended), unpleasant taste, beer belly and dehydration involved. But it does have the high that lasts for a couple of hours, the denial that precedes the moment when you know you are about to give in and of course the hangover.

It all starts on Friday evening, when I heave a sigh of relief basking in the knowledge that even collection minions of credit card companies don’t work weekends. There is no more call/mail/message dodging for rest of the week. Remember that dead pan expression on my face on the way back from office. Yeah I am dreaming about the next two days in shopper’s paradise and the week beyond that when I would get to try on the new purchases.

Did I tell you about my friends in the glitzy stores? They are ever smiling helpful buddies who even bring you beverages and snacks if you go there often enough and make a sizeable contribution to ‘look we are so pretty’ clothes, shoes and bags fund. There was a friend who didn’t like what I was doing. She accompanied me once to deter me from buying unnecessary things. She has applied for a new credit card. Her original one maxed out. She’s been taking tips from me on avoiding the rude collection agents from hell.

Yes I face a lot of problems because of my addiction. There are unpaid bills that I sometimes see in spite of all my efforts to avoid them.  There are occasions when I have go through the agonizing process of getting new credit cards coz the old ones run through their limit. However, with shopping the high is the low and the low is the high. There are tons of reasons I can give to justify my addiction. I can shout you down and win the argument justifying my addiction. But I choose not to. You have your sicknesses and I have mine. Go figure.

PS: I am not a shopaholic. This is a work of fiction.