A while ago, a colleague of mine asked me if I believed in destiny. I refused vehemently, saying that, ‘I believe that we are responsible for where we are. We accomplish our goals, not because of destiny or kismet but because we dream about something and make efforts to reach that place. It’s our circumstances that determine where we are rather than our destiny. “But aren’t circumstances determined by destiny?’, pat came the reply.

At that moment I realized that this was a never-ending war. What came first, the chicken or the egg? There’s no beginning to a circle now, is there?

One reason I responded so forcefully was that I hate it when people blame things on luck, believing the school of thought that professes that everything that happens to us in our life is already decided and that we cannot do anything to change or control it. Those who believe something that is so open-ended, are in a win-win situation. They can give luck credit for their successful endeavors (although that seldom happens) and blame it for the misgivings in their life. Ultimately, such a belief system would lead to a place where one would stop making efforts, waiting for destiny to come rescue them from sticky corners.

It is the fear of falling into this vegetative condition that prevents me from handing myself over to the ‘lines on my palm.’

Later on while reflecting on the issue, I realized that a lot of people believe in luck, not because it gives them something to blame things on, but because there are so many external variables that influence the outcome of our actions. It would be an ideal world indeed if all our hard work was equal to proportionate results/success; unconditionally. It’s the uncertainty surrounding us that gives flavor to life and makes us believe in a higher power.

So I believe there is some force guiding us — call it God, Destiny or Fate. But it is in our hands to take control of our destiny.